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Cyber Investigation Services

Help Set Up Parental Controls

We help set up parental controls 

on your child's device(s) and/or on your router.

Search For Social Media Account Data

We conduct a specialized search that looks for social media account data. This may include details such as posts made, posts tagged in, usernames, friends, groups, locations visited, addresses, phone numbers, employment, and more.

Data Breaches

We search to see if your email address, phone number, and/or password have been leaked in a data breach.

Cyber Safety Check 

Of Your Social Media Accounts

We conduct a cyber safety check of your social media accounts to look for private information where it shouldn't be and other cyber dangers.

We do not need your account passwords or special access to your account.

Cyber Safety Check 

Of Online Profiles

We conduct a cyber safety check of online profiles. This can be someone else's profile (e.g. an online dating profile) or your profile. 

This helps identify fake profiles and other dangerous red flags on other profiles and helps you keep your profile safer.


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