Private investigators who use digital forensics

and specialize in helping to keep your kids safe online.

The story behind our name

Our name, Aegemis (pronounced eee juh miss) is based on Greek Mythology. Aegis (eee jiss) was the shield that Zeus used for extra protection in battle. Artemis was the goddess of the forest, mountains, and hunting. She was also known for protecting children & animals. We combined the two together to create a unique name that is not found anywhere else. Aegemis is a registered trademark. 

About the owner/founder

Mary was born and raised in Colorado Springs, where she still lives with her teenage daughter. She is a licensed private investigator in the state of Colorado. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance with concentration in Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics. She is a board certified forensic high tech investigator (social media investigations). She also has two Associate of Applied Science degrees. One in architectural drafting & construction (which has helped her be able to read crime scene maps) and another in paralegal studies. She has volunteered with the El Paso County Combined Courts and the Investigations Department at the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office. 

Kids today do not know life without technology

High tech devices like smartphones have always existed for kids today. Their parents/guardians on the other hand, can probably remember the first time they logged online, which may have been on a dial-up connection. This can make it difficult for parents/guardians to keep up with what their kids are doing on their high-tech devices.


Endless possibilities 


right in the ​palm of their hands

Smartphones are like having a handheld computer with full Internet access. There's an app for EVERYTHING. The Internet makes it easy for kids to make new "friends" all over the world, simply by logging on with different devices (smartphones, computers, and gaming devices too). Kids are very savvy with these devices and know how to do things such as bypass age verification to access adult only websites, hide specific apps & pictures, prevent individual things from showing up in their usage histories, and much more. Some apps make things disappear after a set amount of time. Parents/guardians may activate parental controls or install programs that monitor their kids online activities. However, not all apps and activities can be monitored by such programs. 

We scan your kid's device and locate potential dangers

What is your child actually doing? Who are they interacting with online? Is your child being cyber-bullied? Are they doing drugs? Drinking alcohol? Having sex? Are they making bad life decisions that could lead to serious/legal consequences? Are they sharing personal information (home address, school name, phone number, birthdate, vacation details, real time location, etc.) that could put them in a dangerous situation? Is your child exchanging inappropriate messages/pictures with anyone? Who is that "friend?" Where did they meet them? How old are they? Have they met them face to face or are they planning to do so? Is your child at risk of becoming the victim of a cyberpredator? We can help find answers to these questions and more.

We help you keep them safe

We are not law enforcement. We are not mandatory reporters. 

If your kids are getting into trouble, we help you guide them back onto the right path and keep them safe.