Private investigators who use digital forensics and specialize in keeping you & your kids safe online.

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Our main focus is helping families keep their kids safe online.

Nowadays, most kids have smartphones, which is like having a handheld computer with full Internet access. There’s an app for everything. The Internet makes it easy for kids to make “friends” all over the world by logging on to the Internet on their devices (smartphones, computers, gaming devices, etc.). Kids are very savvy with these devices and know how to do things such as bypass age verification to access adult only websites, hide specific apps & pictures, prevent certain things from showing up in their usage histories, and much more. Some apps make things disappear after a set amount of time. Parents/guardians may activate parental controls or install programs that monitor their kids online activities. However, not all apps and activities can be monitored by such programs. Aegemis scans your kid’s devices, locates potential dangers, and helps you keep them safe online. We are not law enforcement. We are not mandatory reporters. If your kids are getting into trouble online, we help you guide them back onto the right track and keep them safe.

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Aegemis is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We help clients anywhere in the United States. If you are not in Colorado, ask us how we can help you.

Our Services

Digital Forensic Investigation Services

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We offer a wide variety of digital forensic investigation services, including:
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  • Non-forensic search to find where your kids hide things
  • Forensic search for specific items of your choice
  • FULL forensic search of EVERYTHING on your device
  • Forensic search for specific items for court
  • Forensic search to locate stalking applications

Cyber Investigation Services

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We offer a wide variety of cyber investigation services, including:
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Private Investigation Services

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We offer a wide variety of private investigation services, including:
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  • Verifying information about a person or business
  • Verifying if information has been used fraudulently
  • Linking people and/or businesses together
  • Background checks on a person or business
  • Locate a person you don’t know how to find
  • Verifying if a person or business is on any federal watch list
  • Verifying a phone number or email address
  • Verifying a motor vehicle
  • Checking to see what locations a vehicle has been seen at
  • Searching for social media and other online accounts
  • Notifications when a person is arrested

Bundled Services

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We offer a wide variety of bundled services, including:
  • Kids devices
  • Cyber safety
  • Suspicious people
  • Online dating safety
  • Verifying if something is a scam
  • Verifying whether or not a business is legit
  • Self check
  • Bundle for employers/landlords
  • Cheating significant other
  • Missing adult child


Aegemis provides services in the areas of background investigation and research, and consulting services in the field of public safety and private investigation. We are private investigators who specialize in cyber safety and cyber investigations. Our main research methods include digital forensic scans and background check programs but we may also use additional sources for locating or verifying information.

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