Private investigators who use digital forensics and specialize in keeping you & your kids safe online.
Where did the name “Aegemis” come from?
Zeus holding his Aegis shield.

Our name, Aegemis (pronounced eee juh miss) is based on Greek mythology. Aegis was the shield that Zeus used for extra protection in battle. Artemis was the goddess of the forest, mountains, and hunting, who was also known for protecting vulnerable children and animals. We combined the two together to create a unique name that is not found anywhere else. Aegemis is a registered trademark.

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About the Founder
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Mary was born and raised in Colorado Springs, where she still lives with her daughter. She is a private investigator in the state of Colorado. Her Bachelor of Science degree is in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance with concentration in Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics. She also has a board certification in social media investigations and two Associate of Applied Science degrees. One in architectural drafting & construction (which has helped her be able to read crime scene maps while working with law enforcement) and another in paralegal studies. She has volunteered with the El Paso County Combined Courts and the Investigations Department at the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.


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