Forensic Search To Locate Stalking Applications

A forensic search to locate stalking applications includes a digital forensic scan that searches specifically for applications that have been illegally placed on a device that monitor what the device user does.

Forensic Search to Locate Proof of Abuse

A forensic search to locate proof of abuse includes a digital forensic scan that searches for specific items related to abuse (e.g. – pictures, text messages, etc.) and may include items that have been deleted.

Private Consultation With Digital Data Lessons

A private consultation with digital data lessons includes a private one-on-one consultation with an investigator knowledgeable in hidden digital evidence. They will teach you how to document & hide what you need in ways that won’t be discovered by your abuser.

Custom Request

Do you need proof that something is or is not on a device? Do you need help hiding something? Ask us! We are here to help.


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