Private investigators who use digital forensics and specialize in keeping you & your kids safe online.


Aegemis is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We help clients anywhere in the United States. If you are not in Colorado, ask us how we can help you.


Cyber Safety

Checks how safe your online accounts & information are.

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Suspicious Person

Identifies who a suspicious person is.

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Online Dating Safety

Checks the safety of online profiles (yours & others). 

Is This A Scam?

Verifies whether your emails/text messages/calls are legit or a possible scam.

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Is This Business Legit?

Verifies whether a business is legit or suspicious.

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Self Check

Shows you what will be found on you when others run searches.

Employers Or Landlords

Shows you who your (potential) employee/tenant really is. More than just a background check! Can also be used to monitor current employees/tenants.

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Identifies who your significant other has been communicating with.

A missing child poster with a neighborhood in the background.
Missing Adult Child

Finds information that can help locate a missing adult child.

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Kids Devices Manual Search
  • Non-forensic search
  • Parental controls
Kids Devices Specific Item Search
  • Forensic search for specific items
  • Parental controls
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Kids Devices FULL Search
  • Full forensic search
  • Parental controls
Custom Request

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