Private investigators who use digital forensics and specialize in keeping you & your kids safe online.

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Aegemis is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We help clients anywhere in the United States. If you are not in Colorado, ask us how we can help you.

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Help Set Up Parental Controls
Search For Social Media Account Data
Data Breaches

We help set up parental controls on your child’s device(s) and/or on your router. 

We conduct a specialized search that looks for social media account data. This may include details such as posts made, posts tagged in, usernames, friends, groups, locations visited, addresses, phone numbers, employment, and more. A sample report is available upon request. 

We search to see if your email address, phone number, and passwords have been leaked in any data breaches

Individual devices     $100 each

Router                         $150 

(Does not include router)


$10 each item searched or 3 for $25.

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Cyber Safety Check Of Your Social Media Accounts
Cyber Safety Check Of Online Profiles

We conduct a cyber safety check of your social media account(s) to look for private information where it shouldn’t be and other cyber dangers. 

We do not need your account password or special access to your account. 

We conduct a cyber safety check of online profiles. This can be someone else’s profile (e.g. – online dating) or your profile.

This helps identify fake profiles and other dangerous red flags on other profiles and helps you keep your profile safer. 

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First account                     $50

Each additional account  $25

First profile                        $50

Each additional profile    $25

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All rush orders include a 50% inconvenience fee.

If you need digital forensic services on a deceased loved one’s device, just ask us. We are here to help.

Aegemis provides services in the areas of background investigation and research, and consulting services in the field of public safety and private investigation. We are private investigators who specialize in cyber safety and cyber investigations. Our main research methods include digital forensic scans and background check programs but we may also use additional sources for locating or verifying information.

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