Forensic Search For Specific Items For Court

A forensic search for specific items for court includes a digital forensic scan that searches for specific item(s) that are needed for a court case (e.g. – text messages, pictures, etc.).

Preserving Digital Evidence For Court

Preserving digital evidence for court includes a full digital forensic scan that pulls & preserves EVERYTHING on the device for use in court. This may include items that have been deleted. This can be done with a full report for cases currently going to court or with preservation only for cases that may need this evidence in court in the future.

Locate A Person For Court

Locating a person for court includes an investigation into where a specific person can be found. This can be done for someone who needs to be served, witnesses, lost heirs, etc.

Locate Information About A Person Or Business For Court

Locating information about a person or business for court includes an investigation into specific bits of information about a person or business that is needed for court. This can also include information about assets, vehicles, property, etc.

Custom Request

Do you need proof for court that something is or is not on a device? Ask us! We are here to help.



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