Email Address

Verifies who an email address belongs to.

Basic Phone

Verifies who a phone number belongs to.

Advanced Phone

Verifies who a phone number belongs to. Includes non-published numbers, carrier information, and if the number has been spoofed.

Full Background Check

The most thorough report there is on a person. 

Verify Information

Verifies information entered. Does not find new information.

Verify Information & Check For ID Theft/Fraudulent Use Of Information

Verifies information entered (does not find new information) & shows risk of ID theft/fraudulent use of personal information.

Employment Information

Searches for a person’s employment information.

Social Media Accounts & Websites

Searches social media platforms & websites for online accounts.

Link People And/Or Businesses Together

Links multiple people and/or businesses together.

Voter Registration

Searches for a person’s voter registration information by state.

Driver’s License

Searches for a person’s driver’s license information.

Professional License

Searches for professional license(s) a person has.


Searches for residential/commercial utilities information in a person’s name.


Searches for marriage/divorce records for a person.

*Records available depend on location, please ask.

Contact Information

Finds the 3 best addresses & phone numbers for a person.

Basic Information

Finds a person’s address history, phone numbers, driver’s license, and relatives.


Searches for bankruptcy information for a person.

Lien & Judgement

Searches for information about civil, evictions, state/federal tax liens, and small claims.

Civil Court

Searches for information from civil court records.


Searches for arrest/incarceration records for a person.

Criminal & Traffic

Searches for criminal/traffic records for a person.

Sexual Offender 

Searches the national sex offender registry for a person.

Federal Watch List

Searches federal watch lists for a person.

General News Stories

Searches for general news stories about or that mention a person.

Negative News Stories

Searches for negative news stories about or that mention a person.

Retrieve Local Court Records

Retrieves court records from local Colorado courts.

Retrieve Non-Local Court Records

Retrieves court records from anywhere in the country.

Locate A Person

Locates personal information that may lead to locating that person.


All rush orders include a 50% inconvenience fee.


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